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Path to Seed Program | Gaston Irigoyen, co-founder of Pomelo, shared secrets, strategies, and tactics for successfully navigating the Endeavor of raising a Seed Round as a Latin American Startup.


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Some Takeaways:

🚀 Building a Strong Reputation from the Start: Gaston emphasized the importance of establishing a solid reputation long before starting Fundraising. Creating a strong foundation of credibility can make a big difference in capturing investors’ attention.

📞 Mastering Etiquette: The session delved into the art of making a winning impression even before the initial call.

🛤️ Relationship Building: He shared his personal experiences on nurturing relationships with potential investors.

💡 Transparency with #VCs: Gaston encouraged us not to fear sharing crucial information with investors, fostering a culture of trust and open communication.

⚖️ Balancing Growth and Profitability: One of the deeper discussions revolved around finding the right balance between growth and profitability. Gaston talked about responsible growth, an essential factor in gaining investors’ trust.

🏢 Efficiency in Scalability: The art of appearing and being an efficient, scale-ready company was broken down.

💰 Pre-Revenue Fundraising: Gaston shared his strategic perspective to ensure revenue isn’t a limitation.

🥇 Navigating the VC Funnel: Tactical approaches were shared for managing the investor funnel, from top (ToFu) to bottom (BoFu), ensuring a strategic focus on nurturing relationships.

🤝 Closing with the Right Fit: The discussion centered around the art of sealing the deal with the most appropriate investors. Gaston emphasized the importance of aligning with those who share our vision and are truly committed to adding value.

🌟 Angels: More Than Capital: Gaston highlighted the importance of seeking angel investors who offer more than just capital. The significance of angels contributing value through their networks and experience was a key point.

🔍 Proactive Due Diligence: Finally, the session concluded with this topic and the proactive use of the Dataroom. Gaston highlighted how a meticulous and professional approach can differentiate us in the eyes of potential investors.

We appreciate Gaston’s generosity in sharing his experience leading a company that has raised over $60M in recent years.

This is what the #NewtopiaCommunity is about: Dream, make, share, respect.