BOTIN is an investment super app and a one stop shop to trade traditional and non-traditional assets; its vision is to make the wealth generation tools of the 1% available to all.

Through its Neo broker stock trading app gives users a simple and direct access to invest in different assets across multiple industries and territories (e.g., ETFs and stocks from USA, real estate, crypto, tokens, and others). BOTIN is focused in helping 300 million people in Spanish speaking Latin America to protect their savings and have an option for retirement.

BOTIN team of experienced founders, Federico Patiño, James Jara and Robert Baron that together have been involved in the fintech space for the past 7 years in 4 different digital banks (one sold by us) 2 crypto products and 2 payment products in Europe, the US and a special focus in Latam.

Early Stage Investment, Venture Capital, Latam Venture Capital, Pre-Seed Investment, Seed Investment