CLOOD offers tasty delicious natural clever superfoods for proper cellular nutrition. CLOOD’s purpose as a Foodtech company is to reinvent the future of nutrition to empower people with innovative clever foods designed with science, technology, the users and the planet in mind.
CLOOD’s business model focuses on harnessing consumers' demand for wellness to deliver personalized world-class superfoods.

Clood Founders:

Federico Weil

Co-Founder, Sc + R&D Director at CLOOD

Juan F. Lago

Founder CLOOD. Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Experienced in developing international businesses with long history in trade business and various industry developments.

Candelaria Nottebohm.

Clood foodtech Startup

CLOOD (Clever Foods) Pitch – Newtopia Demoday

CLOOD Elevator Pitch

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