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Called “ food revolution”, the Foodtechs bring together two passions that many times have not been connected within the same purpose, agro-industry and technology, not only for delivery, but throughout the whole food production chain.

What is a Foodtech Startup?

From the standpoint of startups, these are ventures that seek to innovate in the food industry with technology around the production, supply chain, and distribution channels.

In these three stages of products and services applied to the agro-industry we can see four trends that are currently booming in those companies that venture with technology for gastronomy and agronomy in their countries.

First we have the new ways of purchasing, an element that is at the final stage of the chain and focuses on the consumer trend to improve their eating habits and also contributing to sustainability from their position as buyers.

Sustainability, in turn, was one of the first and main targets by Foodtechs that started showing up, concerned about the use of technology to create biodegradable containers, or leveraging resources to minimize or even eliminate the contamination of the planet.

The growsumers are seen more and more in all countries, people that on top of consuming vegetable products also seek to produce them by their own means. This is possible thanks to the new techniques such as hydroponic, allowing the production through water without the need of soil.

Tech-kitchens and tech-agronomy are part of one of the industries with more ideas, which include appliances that work with internet connection, smart kitchens and others. As far as production, we see improvements in technified machinery to enhance the speed, lower the cost and perfect quality.


Venture Capital Investment in Foodtech Industries

Latin America is one of the continents where the agro-industry is stronger, throughout the years it has produced millions of agricultural products for national consumption and for export.

With the arrival of technology, since 2017 there has been an acceleration of investment in this industry, from then on the great potential that it had was noticed, was diminished in 2020 due to the arrival of the pandemic.

It has currently taken off again due to the economic reactivation of the countries and most likely will have a growing positioning during the next few years.


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