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Fintech ventures are arising everyday, it is a huge opportunity that entrepreneurs have seen to provide the market solutions in the finance industry that is highly competitive, not only by other companies but people as individuals as well.

In a previous post we saw how the creation and investment of venture capital has had an accelerated growth worldwide and in Latin America for this industry.

And it was to be expected given that the action field and sub-industries in this category is truly broad. In Fintech we can find loans, accounting solutions, personalized finances, financial infrastructure, banking, payments, investments, and currencies, coins and Blockchain that are the ones we are most interested in this post.



What is the current landscape of online currencies and Blockchain?


Worldwide today, cryptocurrencies are in the fourth spot of the fintech sector with the greatest growth after finance and loans, payments, and e-wallets.

Even though not solving (in first sight) first hand needs as loans and payments do, have become the present and future of transactions and have already started to have an impact on the other finance sub-sectors.



Is not only shown by the sector’s studies at a statistical levels, but we can also see it in the following chart by Coin ATM Radar, displaying the amount of cryptocurrencies ATMs in the world.



As far as Latin America, Mexico leads with more than 80, nonetheless the rest of Latin America currently has for the most part ATMs classified for cryptocurrencies and bitcoins.

How is Latin America doing in terms of recognition and growth of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?
Even though all Latina America is for the growth of the Fintech Industry, countries such as Argentina, Mexico and Colombia are leading the way.

Additionally, the creation of the first civil association for the development of the bitcoin community is highlighted, for the first time in Latin America and the only one globally.

According to studies, the growth of this sub-sector year-to-year is 16%, a gigantic opportunity that will continue developing and in which Newtopia will continue supporting the entrepreneurs on their mission to devise market solutions.