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Foodtech companies in Latam use technology to improve all processes within the food sector in the production chain. This also includes matters such as nutrition, environment , and sustainability.

Social and environmental purpose of companies is greater every day, industries such as agrotech, biotech and foodtech, beyond thinking about innovation, seek to generate an impact on the world and society while starting a business also drive growth and sustainability.

In this post you could see challenges for Foodtechs and Startups / Companies in Latam

What are the challenges for foodtechs in terms of food sustainability?

Over the years, the United Nations (UN) has been able to identify the greatest challenges for the world in terms of food sustainability.

The first of these is the consumption and emissions of agro-industries; this sector currently consumes 30% of the energy we produce and emits 22% of greenhouse gases. It is necessary to improve production processes to the point of using less energy or renewable energy and without causing any sort of damage to the environment.

Every year in the world we waste a third of the food we produce, even before it reaches the table, we need to be aware of addressing the demand for food and at home knowing how much we consume and how often.

26% percent of humanity suffers from obesity or being overweight, a social problem that is progressively increasing due to the lack of good nutrition and healthy habits.

The capacity to supply food is increasingly scarce due to soil damage, water wastage and degradation of ecosystems without adequate control.

All these issues have been identified by the UN, which seeks to call not only on people as consumers, but also on innovators and companies to focus their efforts and missions on growing with a conscience.

How are Foodtech Companies in Latam currently developing solutions for sustainability?

The answer to this question is based on two elements that are very important today for solving challenges: innovation and technology.

These two tools are the main ones in the disruption of companies’ missions. Innovation seeks to think differently, to do differently and thanks to the implementation of new technologies a new execution can be achieved.

Thanks to the aforementioned,today we can talk about topics such as alternative proteins, Nutraceuticals, e-commerce, personalized nutrition, digitization of restaurants, reduction of food waste and 3D printing of sustainable meals.

 Foodtech Latam Startups Examples

At Newtopia we are interested in this topic and for this reason we currently have in our portfolio 4 companies that are part of the foodtech industry and that through their missions generate change.

  • Nilus, for example, uses technology to take advantage of food that is at risk of going to waste, consolidating purchases from several families in the same community to lower costs by sourcing directly from producers.
  • Clood focuses more on people’s nutrition, offering superfoods with nature, science and innovation with the aim of improving people’s well-being.
  • Kigüi specializes in tackling food waste in stores, rewarding people with a percentage of their purchase for acquiring food with a short shelf life, encouraging food consumption and reducing food waste.
  • Kitchenita, on the other hand, is called the Netflix of food, thanks to its data network they get to know local food concepts by creating online food brands.

We continue to support the value propositions of entrepreneurs; we believe that change is in people and when they come together in a company, they enhance disruption and sustainability to unimaginable levels.