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NewtopiaLetter #07’23 Jun-Jul – Portfolio Updates

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Our June newsletter is here, delivering the latest updates from Newtopia and our portfolio. 

Portfolio Updates

Glim | Fintech

  • Added the first 4 customers in June, right after launching the MVP.
  • Signed sponsorship agreement with Mastercard to launch the prepaid card in Colombia.
  • Fundraising: Secured $1.455M of their $2.5M round from Newtopia, MatterScale, and incredible angels such as Asif Ramji (CPO Worldpay), Robustiano Freixas (OKX Trading), Luis Alegria (Rappi), Jeff Carter, and Peter Stroeve (Endava).

Illow | SaaS ePrivacy & Data Protection

  • Key Metrics: Non Recurrent sales: 315,685 USD. Recurrent Revenue (MRR): 5,795 USD
  • Increase 3.3x the ARPU of new customers! Thanks to their new pricing, the average annual payment of new customers is 838 USD while before it was 251 USD.
  • The Venture City made a Growth Scan of the company as part of their due diligence:
    • MAU Growth: 15.9% (above 15% The Venture City classifies a company as Super Fast Growth)
    • MoM Retention: 99%
  • New influencers generating content.
  • Fundraising: Keep in contact with +20VCs, aim to raise 300,000 USD to keep pushing growth and prepare their Seed Round. 

OLIVER | SportTech

  • Landed in Greece (Vyzas FC) & Belgium (Real Elmos Herentals)
  • Marc Cucurella, current Chelsea FC player, has chosen OLIVER for his summer soccer camp.
  • Partner with Donosti Cup, to track players and showcase the product at one of the most important youth soccer/football tournaments in the world
  • Heraldo Deportes: Sala Zaragoza, one of the many teams that choose OLIVER in futsal; Co-founder Agustin Rozadas talks about OLIVER in Profluence Podcast.
    Fundraising: Looking for the right partners to expand in the US. Latest memo HERE.

Mokens League | Videogames Web3 

  • Partnership with Soulbound
  • Aiming to go on a Public Beta by mid August. 
  • Fundraising: Raising 3M via SAFE, 20m valuation. 27% raised, closing end of Q3. Use of funds in global launch and the creation of more games in the Mokens League Universe.

Glass | GovTech E-commerce

  • Secured investment from Top 5 Silicon Valley Big Tech (confidential, public announcement on July 13th).
  • Increased product offering by 276%, for a total of 466,000 SKUs and 16 new government supply partners.
  • Increased order fulfillment rate to 90%, marketplace clicks by 118%, and new registered users by 7%.
  • Internally launched their proprietary next-gen e-commerce platform, offering real-time inventory and price syncing to suppliers.
  • Entered final selection stages with City of Santa Monica, CA, and Federal U.S. Government GSA (confidential, attached); hot sales pipeline including Federal U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), City of San Jose, Department of Water Resources (DWR), California Department of Transportation District 8, California Caltrans, San Diego and Imperial County District 11, Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California Science Center, City of Millbrae, City of Kalamazoo; and hot partnerships pipeline including National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), ORACLE and VISA.
  • Keynote speakers at the GovTech Summit Porto Alegre, Brazil; at Stanford Latino Business Action Network; at Singularity University’s Leadership Program; and hosted our first GovTechFuture Happy Hour with investor Newtopia VC.

Nilus | Social Commerce – Sustainability 

  • +534K Beneficiaries – 460K healthy meals delivered.
  • +5% MoM Growth in Revenue.
  • Raising USD250K in Kiva
  • Launched Nilus News 3rd edition

Exactly Protocol | DeFi

Revai | HealthTech

  • Adds Gregory Parkhurst as a new ambassador and investor.
  • Addition of the «Clinical Business Intelligence» module to the Marketplace.
  • 15.2% average monthly growth in 2023 (North Star Metric: #Appointments).

SenseiNode | Web3 Infrastructure

  • Participated in the #ModularSummit organized by Ripio. Announced LaChain! The first blockchain dedicated to providing solutions specifically for LATAM.
  • Became part of the Gnosis Chain Geographic Diversity Program. Launched the first 10 validators in Costa Rica and 9 in Colombia.
  • Participate in Polkadot Decoded in Copenhagen. SenseiNode launched the first Polkadot Validator in Latin America last May.

Beu | Creators economy 

  • USD $967K of GMV in Q2 2023 (+38,24% QoQ). USD $122K of revenue in Q2 2023 (+22,00% QoQ).
  • 3.582 creators monetizing (+48,63% QoQ).
  • Did 2.81X year to date 2023 vs. 2022.
  • Beu is on track to reach break-even by the end of July with its current expenses. 

Sirius Education | Edtech

  • 178% growth in revenue, cash, quarter-over-quarter

  • $180k USD in booked sales for our open beta, launched in Jan. 2023

  • 95% 6-month customer retention for the open beta

Portfolio Highlights

  • Aviva celebrates the first payment made with its credit card, paving the way for 70 million unbanked individuals. Discover more.

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  • Welcome Glim to the #NewtopiaCommunity! The startup offers a complete end-to-end suite of tools for payroll that empowers businesses and employees, co-founded by Alex Robbio and Tomas Gonzalez Ruiz. See more about Glim here.

Newtopia VC Updates

Also Julian Montoya, captain of Los Pumas (Argentina’s national rugby team), delivered an inspiring Fireside Chat. Featured on Forbes.

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That’s all for now… 

Let’s keep working together to transform LatAm.

The Newtopia Team – Check our Portfolio