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We’re happy to present our July newsletter, bringing you the most recent updates from Newtopia and our portfolio companies.

Portfolio Highlights

  • Nuqlea generated more than 200000 dollars in revenue just in Q2.
  • Aviva achieved 80% growth MoM, accompanied by a remarkable 0.3% of FPD. Moreover, their kiosk network expanded, totaling 7 locations. Soon: Launch of the Aviva Credit Card.
  • Liti reached $1.1M+ annualized revenue, sustained 19-month growth in paid customers, and strong PMF validation (1YR retention > 40%, Daily Engagement Usage 38%).

Portfolio Updates

Alfred | Ecommerce

  • Launched mobile application and evidenced 15,000+ downloads in the first 3 months
  • Validated new mobile application features and growing net revenue 16% MoM, as well as services requested through the app (+90% MoM on average)
  • Closed significant agreement with renowned insurance company that will provide at least US$125k of net revenue for Alfred in the next 12 months
  • Fundraising: Opened seed extension fundraising round for US$1.5mm on August 1 (US$350k already committed) 

Slice Token | SportTech 

  • Reached the first 30 players signed in 7 different countries.
  • Signed top 30 tennis player Tomás Etcheverry 
  • Registered users from 43 different countries
  • Fundraising: Start of the Seed Round August ’23

Kigüi | Sustainability – FoodTech

  • CAC: $0,99 (decreased due to partner acquisition with Movistar); LTV: $1,97
  • MAU MX: 3.088; MAU AR: 2.362; MAU TOTAL: 5.450 +37% vs. Q1
  • Revenue Q2: $6.352 +110% vs. Q1; GMV Q2: $102.800 +60% vs. Q1
  • Focus on growth in Mexico
  • Press:Forbes Argentina; Forbes México; The Food Tech
  • Fundraising: Close to launching a new round for August, targeting $1M. Already secured investments of 20% from AWS and BID; commitment from Sigma Alimentos and Too Good To Go (approximately 40% of the round); Actively seeking a lead investor or a large-ticket investor to have the committed parties make their investments.

Orkid | Hardware – Drones

  • Began final flight tests with ANAC in July and will run through August. Completion of this final milestone will let them achieve type certificate for the proprietary VTOL Orkid 260 drone and begin full commercial operations in Brazil.
  • Signed 2 partnerships with 2 drone operators that will use their technology in 7 Latam countries.
  • Won the Lockheed Martin innovation competition in Colombia for best aerospace innovation company.
  • Fundraising: 2 funds interested in leading their round once it achieves the type certification. In talks with other US funds. We plan to open our seed round once we receive our certificate to scale operations in Brazil. If you are interested, contact them at

Mokens League | Videogames – Web3

  • UI rework (Store, Offers, Club); Leagues and Tournaments Backend integrated; New digi-pad controllers setup; Redeemable codes for uniforms enabled. 
  • Partner with Nerf IT! 
  • First Mokens League Mobile Tournament hosted by Ola Guild Games; Mokens League tournament at Block Down Portugal 23 hosted by W3E Gaming; Weekly tournaments hosted by Blumint
  • Fundraising: Raising 3M via SAFE, 20m valuation. 27% raised, closing end of Q3. Use of funds in global launch and the creation of more games in the Mokens League Universe.

Pura Mente | SaaS – HealthTech

  • In Q2 grew 25% and reached 2M registered users and 29k paid subscribers, product of being the market-leader in downloads (160k monthly installs).
  • Fundraising: planning to raise their next financing round in 2024, which will strengthen their  penetration in top markets.

Oliver | SportTech

  • 35 countries presence with 14 new teams in 2023.
  • Successful contest with Futbol Emotion to participate in the next Kings & Queens League: +40% units sold, +1500 Instagram followers.
  • New distribution partnership with Sprinter in Spain.
  • This is the history of OLIVER, tracing its journey from prototype creation to a significant partnership with FC Barcelona.
  • PR-media success with Alvaro Molinos‘ endorsement.
  • Fundraising: OLIVER won a CDTI GRANTT to expand its AI development for amateur football/soccer players.

Nilus | Social Commerce – Sustainability 

  • +540K Beneficiaries – 544K healthy meals delivered.
  • 17.6K Kilos of Food Rescued – 63 Tn of Co2 Equivalents avoided.
  • Co-Founder and CEO Ady Beitler invited as main speaker in Mega Experiencia Endeavor organized by Endeavor Uruguay.
  • Launched Nilus News 4th edition

Liti | HealthTech

  • Reached more than $1.1M in annualized revenue.
  • Growing 19 consecutive months in paid customers.
  • PMF validation: 1 Year Retention above 40% (+15% more than Doordash) and Daily Engagement Usage of 38% (+5% more than Rappi).
  • Hiring and onboarding of Felipe Wanderley, formerly Brazil VP of Kavak.
  • Set up of data foundation for AI application to improve engagement and productivity.

Glass | GovTech

  • Launched GLASS Commerce: Next-gen e-commerce platform with auto-syncing features.
  • Registered «SOCIAL GLASS» trademark for Class 42 software with USPTO.
  • Announced Google for Startups Investment and started mentoring sessions to automate processes.
  • New Tech Lead hire Fernando Cabrera to scale g-commerce platform.

belo | Fiat-Crypto digital wallet 

  • Integration with Payoneer & Euro SEPA, 14 countries, 70% MoM growth.
  • Pix integration for instant payments from Brazil.
  • Revenue growth: 75% in 3 months, $1.8M annual run rate.
  • TPV growth: 49% in 3 months, July all-time high.
  • Upcoming in Q3: B2B website, B2B2C integration, ramps in multiple countries.

Properix | PropTech

  • Working on accounting gap for Colombia and Fintech in Argentina
  • New regulation in Provincia de Buenos Aires digitalizing condo
  • Expansion: working on Mexico and Brazil opportunities
  • Sales: re-focusing sales teams since the incorporation of new Head of Sales
  • Strategy: rebranding is postponed due to leverage on local brand (ConsorcioAbierto) for launching Fintech features

SenseiNode | Blockchain Infrastructure

  • Chosen for Lido’s 5th onboarding wave, top 30 globally.
  • Expected profitability by Q3 2023, Assets Under Management: $250M+.
  • Among first 12 Node Operators on Ethereum mainnet via Obol Network.
  • Expanded network through industry events: Polkadot Decoded, ETH Barcelona, ETH CC, CryptoWeek.
  • #SenseiTalks with Staderlabs and Cardano on Twitter Spaces.

Revai | HealthTech

  • New ambassador & investor: Gregory Parkhurst, LASIK expert.
  • Presenting innovations at FACOEXTREMA on Aug 24.
  • 13% monthly growth in 2023 (North Star Metric: #Appointments).
  • MVP tool for laboratories: «search engine for patients with R&D potential».

Sirius Education | AI – Edtech

  • Improved social outreach campaigns growing 17.7% the number of active clients in the month
  • Progressed on product-market-fit, evidenced by <1% monthly churn
  • Building thought leadership strategy in AI, with news coverage in top Brazilian outlets like Exame,; and presenting at ESG Tech Summit


Newtopia VC Updates

  • Newtopia VC arrived 2 years ago. Watch the video.
  • We have launched our Fundraising Program, helping startups take it to the next level with Top Tier VCs and Speakers providing Content and Connections.

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  • Mariano Mayer features in Fast Company about Successful startup leaders know when to seek advice—and when to ignore it
  • Newtopia VC features in Forbes Argentina about What the LatAm VC Fundraising Spotlight revealed, the event that reviewed the venture capital landscape in Latin America

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