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The intention and the purpose of people and companies to improve human life is greater and greater, global warming, scarcity of resources, and the bad consumption habits have brought us to think about how to solve natural and environmental issues.

What is a Biotech Startup?

If we break it down, the biotech startups as a concept points to the use of technology applied to biology. In summary it is all the actions, initiatives and companies that are dedicated to solving natural and biological issues. There are two main action groups in this tech industry, on one hand the actions that lead to improve the lives of people through external agents such as protecting the environment and improving the use of natural resources for production.

On the other hand we have the healthcare industry, improving the quality of life of people through the control, advancements and initiatives in the field of medicine and that go hand-to-hand with the healthtech companies, but are more focused on the health applied sciences.

What is the impact of Biotech companies for society?

There has always been a constant concern for the environment and the way human beings develop as a society, nonetheless in actuality it has been enhanced thanks to the technology, the massification of information, and the companies that are totally focused on biotech.

The impact has been such that famous personalities that have a broader public opinion have taken interest in these initiatives, such is the case of Waterplan, which is a company that has received investment by Newtopia and that uses technology to measure and control the risk of water usage in the companies.

Has recently received a 7 million USD investment from personalities like Leonardo Di Caprio, the Branson Family and Manu Ginobili.


Venture Capital Investment in Biotech Companies

According to the studies, the Venture Capital investment in Biotechnology has been growing as years go by, stated by the platform Dealroom, the global investment for 2021 was 41 billion USD, 1,1% more compared to 2020.

Additionally, just in Argentina for instance, the Biotech industries along with the Agrotech industries are some of the fastest growing not only in terms of investment but also the level of new companies created that belong to these industries.

It is expected that in the future, investment in general will go up and more so in this industry that technology and science is moving forward in new ways of doing business and with better medical procedures.


Biotech Cases in Latin America



Eppica, is delivering #bioplastic materials and products for brands that want to be part of the solution. Maximizing renewable feedstock, Epicca’s packaging and solutions eliminate microplastics, stop CO2 emissions, and get rid of harmful chemicals.



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Waterplan allows companies to gain insights into water security risks using state-of-the-art climate data models and water data analytics (AI and remote sensing to quantify & mitigate risk). By showing companies the business case for mitigating water risk, WP accelerates the transition to a world where companies are encouraged to save water, abate the discharge of polluting effluents and conserve watersheds.



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