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The term healthtech comes from the union of two concepts in English, on one hand we have “health” which is everything related to the healthcare industry and its branches, on the other hand “tech” refers to the use of technology.

In short, healthtech translates all technology actions that seek to improve or innovate the healthcare industry in any of its lines from the operations to the improvement of information and massifying the healthcare services through new tools.

What is a Healthcare Startup?

Healthcare Startups are companies that focus on the healthcare industry, targeting the digitization and technification of processes, systems and procedures to make them more automatable and with the purpose of productivizing the work of the staff in charge.

Healthtech Startups therefore seek to improve the health at any point of the service supply chain, some of them can intervene directly in the service while others become vendors or partners of the Healthcare Providers.

Additionally, this type of ventures include all of the ideas linked to physical and mental wellbeing, for instance nutrition, yoga or services linked to mental health.

Some of the main verticals around healthtech are around innovations in telemedicine, which is a service that got enhanced during the pandemic and that allows people to have a doctor’s visit through means different from going face-to-face. Mental health is also an important part of the industry, and services such as psychology, therapy or apps that help with meditation, fit in as well.

Medical devices and innovations even though to a lesser degree can also be considered part of this group, referring to medical and scientific research to create or enhance the implements used on a daily basis in medicine with the purpose of making them more wholesome and accurate.

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Venture Capital Investment in Healthtech industries

Venture Capital investments in the healthtech industry have grown in the last few years, it was to be expected with a pandemic affecting the whole world’s population’s health.

The increase on investment for 2020 is approximately 6x, almost 100 million invested that were trusted to healthtech ventures and that most likely will continue as time goes by.

We are a clear example, we currently have invested in 4 companies that belong in the healthcare industry and we are sure that it will continue to grow with time.



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