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¿What is Agrotech? Do you remember when the world depended on tedious manual labor for all agricultural processes? Food production was limited and, with a growing world population, we thought there would be shortages.

Basically Agrotech means Agriculture technology. It refers to technology use and improvement for productivity, yield and quality in agriculture. This sector has been improved due the advancement of technology. With Agrotech most of the processes, techniques and technology have improved profoundly.

Agrotech Meaning

Today, in the boom of the technological revolution, producers have been shifting to a much more mechanized system of operations and almost all the limitations of the past have been effectively eliminated.

Agrotech is now the foundation of modern farming practices allowing the agricultural sector to also evolve to take advantage of the efficiencies that are beginning to manifest themselves.

What is an Agrotech Startup?

The agrotech startups, quite attune with the Foodtech, aims to improve the productive processes through technology. Manual labor before posed less production and lack of improvement in the processes that now have been solved with the new Agtech startups.

It is one of the most important industries, especially in Latin America given the vast agricultural production capacity of all the countries in the continent and the multiple needs that technology can address. 

These initiatives are currently concentrated in two main aspects, first the funding for the farmer to get closer to technology and second the connectivity, the use of technology in productive processes.

How does Agrotech impact farming?

With technology thought 100% in agro, enhances and automates processes providing growth to the whole supply chain. 

Additionally, farmers’ approach to funding places them in a more important stage where accelerated growth takes place in all stages including those lagging behind like farming. 

Why Agrotech is important?

Agrotech has become increasingly important in recent years due to the growing demand for food production and the need for more sustainable agricultural practices.

Agrotech, which combines agriculture and technology, has allowed for the development of innovative solutions to improve crop yields, reduce water usage, and minimize environmental impact.

Through the use of technologies such as precision farming, automation, and data analytics, agrotech has enabled farmers to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

As a result, agrotech has the potential to revolutionize the agricultural industry and make it more sustainable and profitable in the long term.

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Agrotechnology aplicated on farming

The main purpose of agrotechnology is to impact the efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture in daily life. Here are 2 examples of agrotechnology:

1. Farm automation

Farm automation, or «smart farming«, is the technology that makes farms more efficient and automates the agricultural or livestock production cycle.

It is implemented through robotic innovation such as:

  • Drones
  • Autonomous tractors
  • Robotic harvesters
  • Automatic irrigation
  • Planting robots, among others.

The main objective of farm automation technology is to cover delegable and simple tasks. It also helps with important issues such as farm labor shortages and changing consumer preferences.

2. Precision Agriculture

New agriculture companies are developing technologies that allow farmers to maximize yields by controlling every variable of crop farming such as moisture levels, pest stress, soil conditions, and micro-climates.

By providing more accurate techniques for planting and growing crops, enables farmers to increase efficiency and manage costs.

Venture Capital investment in agrotech industries

As it was to be expected, the Agrotech investment has increased as the applied technology for the industry has improved, even though until a few years ago investment fluctuated, the growth in the number of deals closed kept rising.

Up to 2020 in spite of the fact that it seems like few deals were closed, it is worthwhile to highlight that the total investment was 100 million USD only for this industry and only for Latin America. 

These numbers most likely continued growing, Newtopia supports this type of initiatives and we invite entrepreneurs to join the #NewtopiaTeam as Agrotoken that is dedicated to the tokenization of agro commodities.

Agrotech Startups in Latin America


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