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For many years the financial industry has been dominated by a few monopolies, amongst them the banks and large financial institutions or part of the big economic clusters.

Thanks to the massification of information and technology advancements many ventures have taken care of thinking and providing solutions not only to existing entities but also people who are the end consumers of the industry.


What is a Fintech Startup?

As a concept, fintech startups is a sector of the economy composed by companies that integrate technology to improve processes or automate Financial Services.

Within the sub-sectors that fintech companies solve there is the positioning of new financial services, iterating and adding value to the existing services, simplifying the current processes to provide greater speed to companies and consumers, making financial products more accessible for all, and offering better solutions through existing technology.

Additionally, we find in the future of Fintech two branches that are currently coming together. On one hand we have the traditional financial services, the banks and financial institutions that will continue to improve and technify their solutions.

On the other hand, we have new financial solutions such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain, that have become in many cases the official exchange currency.


Venture Capital Investment in Fintech industries

The two graphs show the accelerated growth that investment has had worldwide and in Latin America, while globally in 2011 there was an investment of 2.5 billion dollars, in 2020 in Latin America only the same amount has been invested.

This shows the great intention that many companies have to provide solutions to one of the industry’s that has in general massified the most and that have been able to leverage technology for the benefit of companies and consumers.


Fintech Venture Capital



What is Fintech and how it worksFintech Cases in Latin America




INIPAY’s (by Inipop) vision is to connect millions of communities by providing high-impact and low-cost wireless connectivity networks. Deployed in 2021, has created the first payment network infrastructure running on LoRaWAN technology that provides connectivity to stores, banks, and delivery services in areas with low or no 3G/4G network coverage.


Founders: Enrique Cortés Funes y Alejandro Repetto








Wibond: ARG



Botin: USA



Defiant: ARG



Exactly: ARG




Kashin: PER




Zenpli: PAN



Yuno: COL

  • Founders
    • Julián Núñez
    • Juan Pablo Ortega
  • Texto de la empresa: 
    • YUNO wants to bring to Latin American companies an easy online checkout solution that solves the pain point of managing multiple payment methods, as well as fraud detection tools, which can be costly and painful to manage.
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Ubanku: COL



Creditop: COL



Koban: BOL