Agrotoken Agrotech Startup

Agrotoken is the first Global Platform for agricultural commodities tokenization. They create a secure and frictionless ecosystem to make trading grains easier, more efficient and more reliable.

Agrotoken Founders:

Eduardo Novillo Astrada

CEO & CoFounder at Agrotoken. I’m an entrepreneur and investor with stakes in a portfolio of companies that develop sports, technology, e-sports, real estate, agribusiness and pet businesses.

Ariel Scaliter.

Founder and CTO of Agrotoken. Blockchain Advisor Director of TravelX, BAG (Blockchain Art Gallery) and IOF Company.
Technological Consultant, specialist and author of numerous papers in various areas linked to smart cities, digital video, blockchain and technology-based business models.

Gabriela Roberto Baró

Agrotoken Startup

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