Belo is a crypto-fiat digital wallet, where users can exchange and save crypto and FIAT Money seamlessly. Additionally, Belo allows users to pay and collect payments using crypto & FIAT, thanks to its QR and Belocard payments feature. Mastercard announced that Belo will take part in the new edition of the Start Path Crypto, the first Start Path program to focus on the unique needs of crypto/blockchain companies.

Belo Founders:

Manuel Beaudroit

Co-founder & CEO at Belo

Edwin Rager

Co-founder & CMO at Belo. Making crypto simple so people can focus on the important things

Fernando Berti

Co-founder – CTO at Belo

Manu López

Co-founder at Belo
Belo crypto Startup

Belo Startup: Pitch Demoday

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