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For 3 days our community lived an absolute vibe. 17 of startups we invested in, as well as Newtopia's partners and advisors met on this trip and visited one the most beautiful places in Latin America: La Quebrada de Humahuaca, in the Argentinian Northwest. From there we broadcasted to the world our 1st Demoday and made an epic 1st batch closing.

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Newtopia Demoday 2021

The event that sums up who we are.

We introduced ourselves to the world in August 2021 as a new Venture Capital in Latin America that sought to become a community made of investors, advisors, founders and entrepreneurs, taking into account our values: Dream, make, share and respect.

From the very first minute we knew that beyond the capital, the Newtopia team would invest its know-how, experience and network: assets that startups value and take advantage of more than ever in such early stages, and that all of our Managing Partners’ experience would find in Newtopia a space to generate great impact for those who are taking the first steps and have the vision (and the team) to transform the region through entrepreneurship. 

We are a “hands-on” VC and that is why we’d developed a 10-week-support program in which the invested startups participated in workshops, fireside chats, office hours, mentoring focused on growth and on finding the product-market fit. 

In December 2021, just 5 months after our launch, we already have more than 25 companies invested in our portfolio. We have formed a community with more than 70 Lps and advisors who created or run the main Latin American companies or are successful athletes worldwide. But above all things, they are active and willing to help startups to overcome Death Valley and make A Series.

For all the above-mentioned and to conclude this debut year, we organized a trip that condensed and materialized all the concepts that identify us. Due to the pandemic, entrepreneurs did their best to attend from 7 LatAm countries to one of the most impressive landscapes: La Quebrada de Humahuaca, in Northern Argentina. For 3 days we shared learning, practices, mentoring but also meals, music and walks that allowed us to get to know each other and connect even more. The 17 companies that participated in the 1st Demoday, streamed from Purmamarca to the world, have made only in this week, an average of 6 contacts with future investors from Latin America, the US and Europe. 

The full video, which is available on our Youtube channel, has achieved more than 2000 views during its first week. But far beyond the numbers, this Demoday trip made it clear that we are on the right track and that the community we dream of is emerging.

We’re Newtopia. We are creating a brighter future for Latin America.

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