ENIGMA.ART is a NFT marketplace for Latin American artists who seek to revolutionize the way in which they monetize their content and to connect with their fans in a new and interactive way.

They are pioneers in Latin America, and their plan is to also become a blockchain-based music distributor, in order for artists to access funds for their projects via the tokenization of their music and smart contracts.

ENIGMA was founded by two young and creative brothers, Facundo and Manuel Migoya, with CEO Matias Loizaga, an experienced music producer and entrepreneur.

Enigma.art Founders:

Facundo Migoya

Chief Marketing Officer at Enigma.art

Manuel Migoya

CoFounder and Chief Product Officer at Enigma.art. Developed crucial team leading abilities as well as knowledge of how to manage challenges in the Product department

Matias Loizaga.

CEO at Enigma.art

Enigma marketplace Startup

Enigma.art Pitch – Newtopia Demoday

Enigma.art Nft Marketplace

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