For Me Tips is a solution that allows brands to manage and enhance word of mouth, transforming organic recommendations into digital advocacy and allowing content creators to learn, scale and capitalize on their audiences. It connects customers, content creators and brands through a benefits & revenue sharing model.

For Me Tips was founded by Consuelo Chasseing, Romina Mahboub, and Denise Henry, who are based in Argentina & Silicon Valley, with the vision of building the favorite and biggest social commerce for beauty in Latin America, enabling content creators to live out of their passion.

For Me Tips Founders:

Consuelo Chasseing, CEO

Co Fundadora & CEO at For Me Tips. I am currently CEO and Co-Founder For Me Tips.
I am a publicist by profession, specialized in Innovation and Digital Marketing. Curious and curious by vocation

Denise Henry CRO

CO Founder at For Me Tips

Romina Mahboub CTO

Co-Founder and CTO at For Me Tips

For_me social commerce startup

For Me Tips Elevator Pitch – Newtopia Demoday

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