HUNTY is a platform that is changing the way people find jobs in Latin America. Combining technology, career coaching and a large network of hiring companies, they are making the match between candidates and vacancies more efficient, improving the cultural/technical fit and preparing candidates to perform better in the selection process. They do this with a results-based model in which users only pay when they get a job.

HUNTY’s serial entrepreneurs and scientists' team is formed by Sebastian Caro (CEO), Valentina Smith (COO), Santiago Lafaurie (CGO) and Francisco Camacho (CTO).

Hunty Founders:

Sebastian Caro

Co-Founder & CEO at HUNTY

Valentina Smith

Co-Founder & COO en Hunty

Santiago Lafaurie

Co-Founder at Hunty

Francisco Camacho.

Co-Founder & CTO at Hunty
Hunty HRtech Startup

Hunty Pitch – Newtopia Demoday

Hunty Latin America: Pitch Elevator

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