KASHIN is a social credit reputation app for underbanked micro-entrepreneurs in Latin America, they give immediate loans between $12 and $125. Their social algorithm sets credit scores so that users increase their credit line and reduce interest rates according to their credit behavior and their first-degree referrals.

To fund their loans without limits they are creating stake pools in Cardano, giving tokens as rewards, and keeping the ADA to use as collateral to get fiat liquidity from their partner MELD. KASHIN will disburse his loans in his local currency’s stablecoins so that they only use fiat when a user takes money out of their ecosystem.

KASHIN was founded by Christophe Robilliard – ex McKinsey, Cabify, and EasyTaxi-, and José Manuel Palacios, former CTO at Ligo and Tech Innovator at Cabify.

Kashin Founders:

Christophe Robilliard

Founder & CEO at Kashin

José Manuel Palacios.

Co-Founder at Kashin.app

Kashin Pitch Elevator – Newtopia Demoday

How works Kashin.app

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