DEFIANT is a global non-custodial crypto wallet. Defiant allows its community to access DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols and store or use their assets in a secure, private and simple way diminishing access barriers and transaction costs for everyone.

DEFIANT was founded by Bruno Calmels, tech engineer, second-time entrepreneur, Sergio Bravo, tech engineer and crypto market expert, and Celina Nieman, MBA with experience in public policy design for financial inclusion.

Defiant Founders:

Bruno Calmels – Co-Founder at Andina DeFi. Entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Experienced Chief Technology Officer with demonstrated experience. Passionate about blockchain. Building a world of financial freedom.

Celina Nieman – Co-founder Defiant Wallet. Committed to impact finances, social development and mental health; work proficiently in challenging environments and team projects.

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