An impact-driven company that develops technology to fight against food insecurity, and provides affordable and healthy food for low income sectors.
By using technology Nilus adds efficiency in the food supply chain.

NILUS was founded by a team made up of: Ady Beitler – ex IDB, Harvard Law School, Nicolas Manes – ex McKinsey, Harvard MBA, and Karina Campos – social entrepreneur and ex WorldBank & IDB.

Nilus Founders:

Ady Beitler

Co-Founder & CEO at Nilus. Nilus is a technology company that aims to lower the cost of living for low-income people at the bottom of the pyramid, by leveraging the power of disintermediation, food rescue and community group buying.

Nicolás Manes

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer & Co-founder at Nilus, a triple-impact startup ; Harvard MBA (class of 2020) and former McKinsey consultant.

Karina Campos

Co-Founder at Nilus . Nilus lower costs desintermediating, offering perfectly edible food that was about to be discarded and implementing community group buying in vulnerable settlements in Mexico and Argentina.

Leonardo Luján

Co-Founder & COO at Nilus

Ruben Sosenke

Co-Founder & CTO at Nilus

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