Defi bank for genz effective inclusion.

The financial industry have a lack of data of GenZ (2.5billion people and a 7 trillion dollars economy). That causes the absence of specialized products that genZ needs for a better relationship with money.

Ubanku is creating a score system to connect genZ with other financial institutions, reducing risk and creating a tailor-made experience. Their core is a market place that connect payments, cashback and micro loans (5-60USD) with products and services that young people already need. That allow the company to collect data and teach their users how to manage their money.


Andres Mendez

CEO & Co-Founder at Ubanku

Andres Franco

VP & Co Founder at Ubanku

Diego Tovar

Chief Banking & Co-founder at UbankU

Ubanku fintech Startup

Ubanku Press

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