Zenpli is a data science company building innovative solutions to make identity decisioning simple. FinTechs in LatAm activate less than 50% of the customers that start an onboarding process. Our goal is to boost conversion rates by providing our customers 1-single API integration that strikes the right balance between compliance (KYC), risk management (fraud) and customer experience (CX). We’re launching our MVP in Mexico in Q2 2022, with an A+ team that has more than 30 years of combined experience in FinTechs and Onboarding products.

Zenpli was founded in 2021 by Rodolfo Chiari, a 2nd time entrepreneur with deep knowledge in the AML space and a knack for leading tech teams. The A+ team is composed of the ex CTO of Independencia Asesores, ex DevOps Lead at La Haus and Addi, ex Risk Lead at UBS, and ex Product Manager at Panadata (YC S20).

Zenpli Founder:

Rodolfo Chiari

Fintech I Founder & CEO I Zenpli

Zenpli Pitch – Newtopia Demoday

Zenpli Data Sciencie – Elevator Pitch

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