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Stress, anxiety, and depression lead to unhappiness and insecurity. The degree of these feelings is so high that not only are you unhappy, you also feel useless. During the pandemic, the levels of these conditions increased and many lives were lost. Faced with this bleak situation, which seemed to be steeper due to burnout, many groups took action: among them, the team behind Pura Mente.

Meditation for your life

Pura Mente is an application designed for meditation under the argument that it reduces stress, enhances tranquility, helps to rest and to find peace and harmony. «Our mission is to help people live in peace, ease and joy. “We strive for holistic wellness» says Juan Hardoy, Co-founder & Head of Growth at Pura Mente. Creating an application like this, to encourage people to meditate, is a complicated task.

How do you manage to address an audience, meet their needs, and encourage them to meditate?. One of the keys, says Hardoy, is for Pura Mente to have, maintain and meet people’s expectations focusing on a specific audience. The app, although available for any country, is designed only for Spanish-speaking people; more specifically Latin Americans.

«Interviews with users are held every week to address needs,» says Haday. For Pura Mente, creating communities is extremely important because it is through them that objectives can be reached faster. Focusing on a single language and community allows them to better meet their needs and understand what issues need to be addressed to achieve wellness.

Fuller meditation experience

Another key of the success of Pura Mente is the possibility it offers to live a fuller meditation experience. Not only does it have audio guides, but also physical activities, meditation groups, reels, motivational phrases of the day, etcetera. Understanding meditation as a tool to achieve well-being is extremely important. Having short daily activities helps to quickly improve people’s quality of life.

Pura Mente, during the pandemic, was working with companies to solve cases of stress, depression and anxiety of workers. According to studies carried out by application itself, stress was reduced by 17% after the first 30 sessions and leadership increased by 27%.

Reaching a comfort zone and peace is a process. A good diet; maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, friends and family; healthy conflict resolution, etc., are key pieces to reaching a comprehensive well-being. Pura Mente is a part of this process: meditation helps people reach their goal, which is always tranquility and happiness.