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The General Partner & Co-Founder of Newtopia VC participated in a one-on-one with Francisco Aldaya, editor of Bloomberg Línea, in the “Financial Espresso” section of the “Argentina Strategy of the Day” podcast.

Episode 162 of this original Spotify and Bloomberg Linea podcast dealt with a wide variety of topics such as the rise in prices and the fall in shares in the United States in August, the reason for the importation of paper bills from Spain and Brazil by Argentina, and included a brief interview with Sacha Spitz to do a deep dive arround the current context of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

Advices for entrepreneurs who are looking for VC investments

Sacha reflected on the current scenario for Argentine startups so far this year and provided a series of recommendations for those entrepreneurs in early stages of development who are looking for VC investments, highlighting the importance of:

Focusing on solving real and immense problems of society and not in solutions, putting together teams that fall in love with their dreams, trying and making mistakes quickly, at a super early stage.

In addition, he added a series of recommendations based exclusively on the current situation: «I would tell entrepreneurs to put a lot of focus and thought into the product and/or service they are offering, since we are at a time that companies that can demonstrate early traction on users are on the spotlight.”

On the other hand, when asked about the influence of the Argentine context on Newtopia’s investment decisions, with high inflation and stagnant growth, Sacha emphasized the long-term vision:

«We look at a horizon of 5 to 10 years , so we try to understand where they are going and how the different industries are transforming, so day-to-day news do not affect our strategic investment decisions”.

He also highlighted that the main objective of Newtopia is to:

«Invest in startups that can break paradigms and reinvent industries, that’s why we look for entrepreneurs who are trying to solve the big social issues in the short, medium and long term.» 

At Newtopia we are excited to continue spreading entrepreneurial energy, values ​​and goals that drive us to transform Latin America. If your business has a really big goal, seeking to transform reality, we invite you to join our community.

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