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Our Managing Partner, Diego Noriega participated in the round “Conectados La Gaceta”, to discuss the new challenges and opportunities to transform, innovate, and venture in Latin America in the post-pandemic era. 

It was moderated by Matías Auad, a journalist from La Gaceta and Lucas Bianchi Etcheberry, Finket Founder and CEO. 

Venturing in the current context and the post-pandemic effect 

Regarding the complexity of the current context at a regional, local and global level, Diego decided to focus on the opportunities that arise from the crises, inviting entrepreneurs and the business community to go beyond the context: «You have to move from a defensive position to tackling the challenges and opportunities that arise from this context”, he assured.

To this extent, he highlighted the importance of knowing how to take advantage of the paradigm shift that the post-pandemic era brought:The pandemic taught us that we have opportunities beyond local, which is why today it is more possible than ever to venture, reinvent ourselves, transform, and innovate until causing a disruption, and not only in Argentina or Latin America, but globally”. 

In Latin America there are more and more global first companies that arise from the beginning with the intention of being global, regardless of the country or city where they come from. So, today the opportunities are global both for startups and for initiatives within companies that already exist. I think the context is better than ever before

In addition, he stressed that to achieve a global reach it is essential to forge strategic partnerships: «It is important to unite, talk, interact with other actors in the ecosystem, have discussions about opportunities, markets and solutions,» he explained. 


Om the other hand, Lucas provided some relevant data on his industry, that becomes a great opportunity for Latin America, indicating that

More than 50% of the population is financially excluded, which is because historically there was an intensive use of money in cash, even today, 80% of transactions are made in cash.

And he highlighted:

Applications today generate financial inclusion, it is easier to access the money you need whenever and wherever you are”. In this sense, Diego highlighted Wibond, Belo, Kashin and Creditop, four disruptive startups from our portfolio that are working for inclusion in Latin America. 

Supporting opportunities with a growth mindset

Diego highlighted the importance of having a clear purpose of transforming an industry and a long-term plan to achieve it, emphasizing the growth mindset that entrepreneurs must adopt when facing opportunities and developing their projects.

It is important that these opportunities that we have today at a global level, are connected with an adequate management mentality and are carried out with a lot of leadership, not only as a leader, but also to generate that leadership in the teams, and with a lot of conviction, such transformation is possible”. 

Another fundamental aspect that Diego highlighted was managing frustration: “It is a very important part of the process and it is normal for frustrations to appear, but you have to learn to manage them. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and it is not easy, it is a path for those who want to maximize their potential and leave a mark on the world”. 

Newtopia VC’s Mission 

In the first 15 months, Newtopia has invested in 55 startups from 12 Latin American countries, whose founders are convinced that they can create a solution for any industry, with a company that reaches a valuation of several billion dollars.”, Diego explained about the vision of Newtopia, and added: “Although it may sound derisory, we are sure that in Latin America there is the talent and the market to achieve it


We are the first institutional check that these startups have, and we are also supporting, training and investing in these entrepreneurs who have a global vision, with enthusiasm, with a team that is the best to face these challenges and transform the reality of their industries

Regarding Newtopia’s reason for being, Diego highlighted: “We invest in these startups because it is the most direct vehicle we have to change Latin America

Latin America is ready to expand to the world, turning crises into opportunities and taking advantage of the paradigm shift brought about by the pandemic to cross borders. Today, there is a large quantity and quality of talent trained to create global solutions that make the possibility of growth beyond local a reality.

At Newtopia we are excited to continue supporting entrepreneurs to be able to transform Latin America, which today, more than ever, has the necessary tools and opportunities to reach the rest of the world.

For this reason, we support early stage startups with tech DNA and a global mindset. If after reading our Manifest, you consider that you check all of the boxes, do not hesitate applying to Early Stage VC Latam