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We interviewed Agustina Fainguersch, in the framework of the Newtopia Summit, Meta Managing Director for Latin America, with whom we talked about the opportunities for entrepreneurship in the region, the importance of the community within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and how Newtopia VC contributes to forge that network.

Agustina Fainguersch took her first steps in the entrepreneurial world as Co-Founder and CEO of Wolox, a software development company that provides technology solutions for companies in the process of digital innovation, which after 11 years was acquired by Accenture where she served as Managing Director.

This year, Agustina decided to leave Accenture to become the new Regional Director of Meta (ex Facebook) in Latin America. Below, the full interview.

– What do you think characterizes Latin American entrepreneurs?

I believe that Latin American entrepreneurs have a great opportunity at this moment, which has to do with the skills they have developed by venturing in Latin America, which perhaps differentiates them and it is a competitive advantage compared to the rest of the world, and it is about resiliency. For example, in Latin America, to do day-to-day tasks is a job that is perhaps different and there are many obstacles along the way that must be resolved.

And this is the gymnastics that entrepreneurs do everyday, not only in their personal life, but also in the company, since it is the foundation that makes them somehow incorporate this ability of problem solving that makes them much more resilient to falls and problems that may arise along the entrepreneurial path, which always exist and even more so in a global context of recession and with many different sources of conflict.

And I think there is a great opportunity for Latin American entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves at this time and be able to go through these crises and come out much better.


– The other day an event was held at Nuqlea House, a bridge event between presidents, managers, CEOs, large corporations, also bringing together CEOs of Startups and how do you see that synergy and that each one can collaborate with the other.

Something that seems spectacular to me about Newtopia is the network of contacts. And not only the network of contacts with the corporate world, in addition to obviously the entrepreneurial world, but also the ability to convince the corporate world that entrepreneurship is good and that entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to generate the most innovative solutions that will build the solutions of the future.

So, not only connecting entrepreneurs to the business community and companies, but also the ability to manage that bridge of intention, of collaboration between companies and entrepreneurs and generate that engagement between entrepreneurs and the business community.

– And to close, there is talk that we are not in the best time, not the most fruitful and the word crisis is mentioned? How do you see it from your perspective and do you think there are opportunities? And how long are we going to be in this.

It seems to me that even being in a moment of crisis for entrepreneurs it may be the best opportunity to find problems and solutions to those problems.

There are plenty of problems for all of us and I think there is a great opportunity in Latin America for Latin American entrepreneurs, for the creativity that entrepreneurship in Latin America requires, which strengthens us and makes it possible for Latin American entrepreneurs not only to undertake and overcome these crises, but also a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the rest of the world.

At Newtopia we are convinced that there is still much to do in the region and we are excited to continue assisting, with the support of our LPs, all those entrepreneurs who want to transform crisis into opportunities and innovate in different industries in Latin America with the implementation of technological solutions.

So.. are you an entrepreneur and you want to get in touch with us to analyze what you are building? That’s great! We really appreciate that interest.
If after reading our Manifest, you consider that you check all of the boxes, do not hesitate applying to Newtopia VC Latam!