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It’s time to kickstart another year of VC investment – but first, let’s take a moment to look back at 2022. We are so proud of everything the Newtopia Community achieved last year. We provided our 57 portfolio startups with hands-on support, including 24 new startups across 12 Latin American countries, We also made over 760 new fundraising connections and held more than 280 mentoring sessions.

It’s also incredible that we’ve held over 70 workshops, organized 2 Academy Week events and hosted the very first Newtopia Summit, with more than 400 attendees at our community events. Our Newtopia partners themselves attended more than 40 events, while we’ve been featured over 100 times in the press. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of these milestones together.

A 2022 Packed Full of Highlights 

Academy Week in Punta del Este (March)

  • Uruguay hosted the Academy Week from the 7th until the 11th of March. In this event, founders from 13 of the most promising startups in Latin America, partners of our fund, unicorns and figures from the ecosystem met in person to live a week with an intense agenda.
  • Workshops, talks, mentoring sessions, pitch practice, networking where entrepreneurs (new, not so new, and others very experienced) collaborated side by side. 
  • Some of the participating figures were Marcos Galperin, co-founder and CEO of Mercado Libre; Matias Woloski, founder of Auth0; Agustina Fainguersch, new Regional Director of Meta; Sean Summers CMO of Mercado Libre; Facundo Garreton, founder and CEO of Terraflos; Elad Levy, co-founder of Dive and House of Fun; Maximiliano Casal, co-founder of Nowports; Guido Vilariño, Director of DevOps at Mural, among others.

Academy Week in Miami (June)

  • Our LatAm community got together in June at the Newtopia Academy Week in Miami. 
  • The mega five day on-site event included learning and enjoyment for the batch 3 entrepreneurs.
  • 15 fireside chats, 4 workshops, 2  community events. 3 unicorns, 1 NBA Hall of Famer. 
  • We connected entrepreneurs with knowledge, by inviting speakers, founders of the leading companies of Latin and North America, that have had success and failures, many of them have already become unicorns. 
  • We held events with other funds, investors and advisors, who were able to meet and interact with them and put a face to every project. 
  • It was an ideal occasion to learn and network. The methodology of the event was suitable for the participants to have a dialogue, ask, clear out doubts, and request advice firsthand.

1st ever Newtopia Summit (November)

  • Newtopia VC held the first edition of Newtopia Summit on November 2nd, 2022. Held in Buenos Aires, the event included a range of presentations from startups in the portfolio, the latest investor report and panels on a range of topics including web3, an analysis of the current political, technical and economic conditions in markets in addition to sharing the Q3 investors report with the limited partners present. 
  • The 400 attendees who joined us over the 4-day period included entrepreneurs, investors, LPs, CEOs and managers, partner VCs, mentors, advisors, teams and partners from different parts of the world, all with a shared passion for LATAM’s thriving ecosystem.

Newtopia and our Portfolio Startups in the Media

The 24 startups that joined Newtopia’s portfolio during this great year were:

  1. Alfred
  2. Belo
  3. Beu
  4. Creditop
  5. Eyecue
  6. GetGloby
  7. Kitchenita
  8. Koban
  9. Lara
  10. Lizit
  11. Maslow
  12. Mokens League
  13. Nuqlea
  14. Oliver
  15. Orkid
  16. Polemix
  17. Pulppo
  18. Qurable
  19. Revai
  20. Sensei Node
  21. Sirius
  22. Tapi
  23. Ubanku
  24. Worknmates


We’re so pleased to have been featured in media outlets from around the world, including:

Our Managing & General Partners at Incredible Global Events

An Even Brighter 2023 

We are very excited because this year 2023 the Newtopia Community will have many meetings and activities to share Knowledge and enhance relationships.

We’re looking forward to another year full of investment, portfolio support and Newtopia love. Our plan is to keep building bridges and trust between Global VCs with high impact Latam founders.

Special thanks to the #NewtopiaCommunity with +300 LPs, Advisors and Entrepreneurs. Beside of the Events, they are generating a lot of value through their participation with Mentoring Sessions, Workshops, LP DemoDays and Q&As.

Let’s work together on the purpose of generating a social & economical impact in Latin America.
Cheers to an Even Brighter 2023…